terça-feira, 18 de agosto de 2009

Pedro Santana Lopes, na Wikipédia

Acabo de ver uma nota sobre a biografia de Anibal Cavaco Silva na wikipédia, pelo que não resisto a postar uma outra: a de Pedro Santana Lopes.
Ao que sei, poucos políticos merecem uma rubrica dedicada à sua obra, mas PSL merece-a e a confirmar a conclusão ali firmada de que "daria um bom Primeiro-Ministro nas Bahamas ou nas Maldivas, where the sun shines all year long!!". Não tenho dúvidas!
O texto vai na integra e em inglês como é apresentado (até porque tudo o que PSL faz é para inglês ver!):
"Santana Lopes is known for his Quaylesque gaffes,[citation needed] which include: claiming that the non-existent Chopin violin concertos were his favourite piece of classical music; having his secretary send a postcard to Brazilian author Machado de Assis (died 1908); calling a press conference to announce a threat on his life when in fact he had received a teaser mailing for a book titled Cuidado com os Rapazes ("Watch out for the boys"); announcing that he would leave the political field in protest for his private life being parodied in a TV show, if the President didn't intervene (he didn't); seeming to have missed a formal reception to the Mozambican Minister of Foreign Affairs in order to attend a fashion show; postponing the inauguration of some of his Secretaries of State in order to attend a wedding; appearing lost in the middle of his inauguration speech, with long and embarrassing silences, confusing pages and looking nervous (he said in an interview to newspaper Expresso that it was hot that day, people had already fainted in the audience and he himself wasn't feeling too well, so he tried to cut the speech short).
In the Portuguese Parliament, in 2008, saying that the country was emitting too much Kilowatts of Carbon Dioxide. Carbon Dioxide is a substance, so measured in tons, as Kilowatt is a Power unit."
Vá lá sorria, nem que seja apelando ao humor britânico!